Agro ethno park is the holder of the Tastes of Croatian Tradition Standard


Standard Tastes of Croatian tradition yesterday, July 13, 2021, received two hospitality facilities: among which is Agro ethno park, for Tastes of tradition of the Neretva valley. The standards were handed over for Agro ethno park by Rujana Bušić Srpak, president of the Okusi Project Council and director of the Vukovar-Srijemska TZ, and received by Ivica Mioč.

On that occasion, Mr. Mioč stated:

I am glad that in this short time I was able to realize a long-standing wish and open a facility that I am really proud of. The idea was to organize the production of healthy food, prepare it and serve it in the untouched corners of the Neretva Valley. Already the first guests expressed great satisfaction with the location and autochthonous decoration, local amenities, and above all, the excellent local gastronomic offer. My family has been supporting organic fruit and vegetable growing for many years, and the foods we use are first-class and always fresh. I must also emphasize the great effort of my wife and our staff in defining and preparing original Neretva dishes served in a modern way in a magical environment that only the Neretva valley can provide. This recognition will be just one more incentive to provide my guests with an unforgettable gastronomic and aesthetic experience in the Neretva Valley.

Today, the Tastes of Croatian tradition standard has more than 130 catering establishments in the area of 13 Croatian counties, which offer at least two traditional main dishes with a side dish.